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How Our Derby Got It’s Start;

During a car ride I was sharing the following story with my mother;

I was closing up the bait shop one summer day, I had worked all day and was glad to be going home. I had just gotten in the car with my husband to go home when we noticed a group of young boys heading toward the bait shop. The boys tried the door and were visibly upset to see that it was locked. I got out of the car, opened the door and turned everything back on and got the boys their bait, I sold the boys two dozen night crawlers. I locked up again and got back in to the car, my husband asked how much I had sold, when I told him he said that was a small sale and almost not worth opening back up again. I thought a minute as I watched the boys as they walked happily toward the river, night crawlers in hand, and I said to my husband that it was more than worth it. Those boys weren't on the streets causing trouble or doing drugs, they weren't at home in front of a video game, they were going fishing.

Melissa Rinker

My Mother and I discussed the diminishing children fishing or more to the point diminishing children fishing with families these days, we discussed getting involved and making a difference to change this. It didn't take long for an idea to turn into a plan. In May of 2004 we began the plans for what would become an annual event. On July 31, 2004 we held our first Annual Take A Child Fishing Day Derby. A Completely free event that would encourage families to get out and fish with children. We had a wonderful day and at days end the parents were asking when the next derby would be.

We are so proud to be sponsoring such an inspirational event, we feel great when we see the smiles that we helped create on so many children's faces who have participated in our event. 

We are left with a wonderful sense of accomplishment in knowing that we are in our own small way helping to make a difference in a child's life.

We cannot forget to mention our very important local sponsors, friends & customers as well as our suppliers who have taken the time and generosity to donate gift certificates, 

merchandise or just time to help make our Fishing Derby a success,

                                                    A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!!