Swarthout's Bait & Tackle Shop

Our Bait Is Guaranteed To Catch Fish.. Or Die Trying

Swarthout's Bait and Tackle Shop was opened by Diane Swarthout, May 8, 1987. We maintain an honest, friendly and informal environment . We treat our customers like we would like to be treated and have a deep understanding that without them we would not be here. We are truly a modern representation of an old mom and pop store. We love to hear the many fish stories traveling the beautiful Chemung River.

If you are new to us, stop by and see us, we'd love to meet you.

If your a loyal customer THANK YOU for your support.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves 

Diane Swarthout - The Mom. Diane founded "Swarthout’s Bait & Tackle Shop" May 8, 1987, Originally located On Pennsylvania Avenue, Elmira. The original vision of the shop was to be a "Live Bait" shop, it didn’t take long for Diane to realize it would become a full service Live Bait & Tackle Shop. Back then Diane was famous for her fear of worms and could be found in the back room pre-packing worms wearing rubber gloves. This was the case that is until she found herself in a predicament when she was fresh out of pre-packed worms. Not wanting to embarrass herself she was forced to pack the creepy crawlers by bare hand. Needless to say her fear quickly passed and today has no problem picking up any number of bugs, aquatic incests or worms we currently carry. With a passion for the sport and a love for the wonderful customers she has built a relationship with over the past 20 plus years, Diane is what we affectingly call our" retirement reject" not willing nor wanted for that matter, to leave the business she built.

Melissa Swathout, Rinker - The Daughter. Melissa could always be seen in the bait shop, just 10 years old when the bait shop first opened it’s doors. Melissa had an interest in everything that was going on. Customers have watched her grow, friendships and bonds have developed over the years. 

Holly Bock - Our Holly!! Melissa's Sister-In-Law joined the bait shop when she was 14. She grew up, got married and moved out of town, she is sadly missed within the bait shop.