Swarthout's Bait & Tackle Shop

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Owned and operated by the Swarthout family

Serving anglers since 1987

We are located at 133 E. Hudson Street on Elmira's Southside, a block and a half south of the Madison Ave bridge. Stocking Live Bait and Tackle for all your fishing needs.

Bait on hand may include:

Night Crawlers, Red Worms, Perch (fat head) Minnows, Bass (Shinner) Minnows, Pike Minnows, Wax Worms, Meal Worms, Butter Worms, Salted Minnows, Egg Sacks, Leeches, Crabs, Dobson (when in season).

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We carry a large variety of name brand fishing products, such as, Okuma, Shakespear, Daiwa,  Berkley, Creme, K&E, Mister Twister, Yamamato Baits, Bass Assassin, Eppinger, Manns lures, Mepps lures, Rooster Tails, Rapala, Mustad, Gulp, Trilene, Water Gremlen, Eagle Claw & much more .......

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